Q. How do I sign-up for your service?

A. Simply call 1-877-UNPACKME (867-2256) or 310-984-0543.

Q. Are you a moving company?
A. Home Sweet Home is not a moving company, although we often work closely with them. We assist you with your move either before the movers arrive or after they leave.

After the movers have unloaded your furniture and placed boxes in the appropriate rooms, our trained professionals will unpack the boxes and put away the contents. We organize your kitchen and put away dishes, glasses, pots and pans, food etc. We can arrange your closets, make the beds, put books on shelves and set-up all the rooms.

Before the movers arrive, we can pack you up in a way that will make your unpacking as efficient as possible. We believe that spending a little extra time on the packing process will not only ensure that your belongings arrive safely but that unpacking will be quick and easy.

Q. My movers say they will unpack. How is your service different?
A. The primary services that a moving company provides are loading, transporting and unloading your household items. There are some moving companies who will also offer to unpack you. Generally this means they will remove items from the box and set them on a level service (floor, table, counter, etc). You are then left to place them into cabinets, closets and onto shelves. You will have to check with your mover to confirm the service they offer.

At Home Sweet Home, we specialize in unpacking your items and putting them away in a logical fashion. Our goal is to enable you to enjoy your new home as quickly as possible, without the chaos and clutter that normally accompanies moving.

We organize your kitchen and put away dishes, glasses, pots and pans, etc. We can arrange your closets, put books on shelves and set-up your children's rooms.

Q. How long will it take to unpack my house?
A. Our basic package is a 2-person unpacking team for 4 hours (8 hours total). This will usually enable us to unpack your kitchen and one to two bedrooms.

We can generally set-up your home in one day depending on the size and scope of your move. We will send in a team of 2 to 6 people for full or half days depending on the amount of work you need Home Sweet Home to do.

Some clients want Home Sweet Home to unpack their entire home. Others only want Home Sweet Home to focus on a few specific rooms. Whatever, your particular needs, we are happy to customize our service to meet it.

Q. How long will it take to pack my house?
A. Packing requires more time than unpacking. Once again, it will depend on the size of your home. However packing time is also influenced by the number of fragile items you have and the amount of belongings you have overall (i.e. Are your rooms minimalist and uncluttered or do you consider yourself a pack-rat?).

Q, How will your unpackers know where to put my stuff?
A. All of our unpacking teams have been trained in the most efficient ways to organize your entire home including the kitchen, bedrooms, closets, bathrooms and living areas. We will place items where you want them or we will organize them in a logical fashion and give you a "tour" when we have finished. It is your choice.

Q. Do I need to be present when you are unpacking?
A. Some clients are very involved in the unpacking process, giving specific instructions throughout the day. Others choose to be less involved or even leave for the day. Our team leader will check with you at the start of the day to understand your preference.

Q. What other services do you offer?
A. In addition to our core services of packing and unpacking, we can line your shelves with Plasto-Mat shelf liner, greet the phone, cable, and utility companies if you are not present. We can also arrange to have all of your recyclable materials taken away.

Q. Can you provide packing materials?
A. Yes. We can provide boxes and all of the other packing materials as needed. We also offer you a choice of using either new or recycled boxes. The recycled boxes are significantly less expensive and work well for local or short distance moves. If your belongings will be going in to storage or you will be moving a long distance, new boxes are generally preferable.

310-984-0543 or 877-UNPACKME

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