Los Angeles is the original location for Home Sweet Home and the only location that provides both packing and unpacking related services.  We have been supporting customers here since 2004.  Our core service areas include Los Angeles and Orange counties but we regularly assist clients in Riverside, San Bernadino, Ventura and San Diego counties.

Our reputation is based on the quality of our team members and our ability to provide a consistent level of service, customized to client's individual needs at an affordable price.  We send extensively trained professionals, who are residents of the areas we serve, to your home. They have a wealth of home organization experience to ensure that your home will be set up quickly and will be organized in a logical fashion.

Our list of satisfied clients reflects the diverse nature of Los Angeles and includes jobs as small as settling an overwhelmed college graduate into a new apartment all the way through managing the entire move for Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes.

Our teams of caring and experienced professionals are ready to assist you in all aspects of your next move.

House, condominium or apartment...we can help
Busy professionals, executives, corporate families relocating, seniors or anyone who would like to remove the hassle and time associated with moving and settling into a new home, will find our services invaluable.

Prepare your home for sale
In today's market it is important to show your home in the best possible light. Home Sweet Home can help to reduce clutter in your home by pre-packing non-essential items. It makes your home easier to show to prospective buyers and, best of all, it simply advances the costs of moving your home earlier in the process. It doesn't increase your overall cost of moving.

Sort and prepare for your move
Our trained and caring staff can help you work through the daunting task of preparing for your move in a systematic manner. We can help you to separate your belongings into:

  • items that are to be sold or given to charity
  • items destined for storage
  • items transitioning to your new home
  • items to be discarded

Before the movers arrive, we can pack you up in a way that will make your unpacking as efficient as possible. We believe that spending a little extra time on the packing process will not only ensure that your belongings arrive safely but that unpacking will be as quick and easy as possible.

Line Shelves
Before setting up your kitchen, we can line your shelves and cabinets so they are protected from the first day.

Unpack and Organize
We remove the stress associated with moving into a new home. We do the unpacking for you, ensuring your move is efficient, easy and stress-free.

You can prioritize which rooms we focus on first. We can:

  • organize the kitchen and pantry
  • set-up the bedrooms and make the beds
  • place clothing in closets and dressers
  • sort linens and towels
  • set-up the bathroom
  • organize the dining and living rooms
  • arrange books
  • greet the telephone and cable installers on the day of unpacking

After the unpacking is complete, we will remove the empty boxes and packing materials and ensure that they are recycled.

310-984-0543 or 877-UNPACKME

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